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Some of my Experience

*Full resume upon request*



-The style Showcase Chicago Fashion Show June 2021

-Empowering stars Fashion Show October 2020

-Bodas y Quinceaneras Expo Fashion Show March 2020

-Multicultural Fashion Show  Valentine's Edition February 2020

-Model Icon February 2020

-10th Annual International Fashion show December 2019

-New York Fashion week 2019

-Saris and Things Fashion Show September 2019

-Miss Planetary Macy's Fashion Show 2019

-Rising Stars Fashion Show 2019

-Spring into Fashion Fashion Show WI 2019

-9th Annual International Chicago Fashion Show December 2018

-Day of the Dead Fashion Show November 2018

-Annual South Asia 4th Wedding Expo November 2018

-Love 4 Style Fashion Show October 2018



Exotica Video shoot 2020

-Birthday Song for Soulo and Designer Prana Maker February 2019

-Chicago Fire TV show, dancing in a fitness class 2015

-Te Cuento TV Commercial, Telemundo Denver, Co 2006

-Despierta Colorado, Univision TV Segment 2005 and 2006



-Miss Bikini Fitness, IL 2020- 2021

-Miss Fashion Global Finalist Queen, under “fit” category Florida 2019



-Xpressions Magazine, June 2021

-Intra Cover Magazine, based in London, June 2021

-Runway Dubai, based in Dubai, June 2021

-Moda Republic Magazine, based in England, May 2021

-Anvane Magazine, based in Germany, May 2021

-Marika Magazine, based in Russia, April 2021

-Magnifique Cover, April 2021, June 2021

-Know Cover Magazine, based in Mexico, April 2021

-Selin Cover Magazine, based in Amsterdam, NL March 2021

-Vir Magazine, March 2021

-Edit Glamour Magazine, March 2021

-Luxia Magazine, based in Italy, March 2021

-Esti Magazine, March 2021

-Edith Magazine, March 2021

-TSYM back cover, Feb 2021

-Never Magazine Based in Russia, Feb 2021

Raamat Front Cover Model, based in France, Feb 2021

-Roidx Front Cover model, based in France, Feb 2021

-Malvie Magazine, based in France, Jan 2021

-Blouder Magazine based in Canada, Jan 2021

-Like a Lion Magazine based in Australia. Jan 2021

-Moscow Tonight Back cover model, based in Russia, Jan 2021

-Sol de Tlaxcala Newspaper distributed in Mexico, January 2021

-B Louder Magazine Cover model Issue 23 December 2020

-Eclair Magazine Based in France 2020

-VZSN Magazine 2020

-Never Magazine Based in Russia December 2020

-Fashion as Art North America Based Magazine 2020

-Moscow Tonight based in Russia Magazine November 2020

-The Only One Magazine November 2020

-Luxia Magazine, Italian Magazine 2020

-Moevier Cover model (2) times French Magazine 2020

-Like a Lion Magazine Australian Based Magazine 2020

-Vigour Magazine based in Canada 2020

-Vyvid Magazine Cover Model in February and other publications 2020

-Mob Journal several publications 2020

-Edith Magazine July 2020

-Fienft Magazine, based in France July 2020

-Shuba Magazine July 2020

-First Magazine October 2020

-Ossma Magazine Based in Australia October 2020

-Roidx Cover Model,  French Magazine 2020 October (2) times

-Dominante French Magazine (2) times 2020

-Pinup Kulture Magazine, pinup 2020

-Summers Magazine Issue 47 2020

-ASC Fashion Magazine April 2020

-Marika Magazine March 2020, April 2021

-Exprimere USA Magazine Cover Model, Sports Issue 2020 )

-Opium Red Magazine 2020

-Seductive Dime Magazine, Spiritual Issue 2020

-MMMagazine 2019 and cover model January 2020 

-Shoots Modeling Magazine  October 2019

-Sour Magazine May 2019

-Dezire Magazine May 2019

-Modern Fit Magazine, Fitness Issue 2018

-Glorious Magazine, fashion shoot 2018

-Dreamy Magazine Cover model and other publications 2018-2020

-Street Low Magazine 2017

-Rocky Mountain Newspaper, Denver, Co. Best 10 photos of the year 2000



-Josie Couture swimwear 2021

-Catch Fire Arts modeling face masks 2020

-Sun and Sand Co, September 2020

-Royal Rose Fashion by Jackson Skyler 2018-2019

-Seamingly sisters, Designer Nicole Kronenburger 2018-2019

-Saris and Things Clothing 2019

-Prana Maker 2019

-M&J Designs, Mario Garrido and Jorge Diaz Couture designers, photoshoots, fashion shows, magazine publications 2018- Present

-Baby Girl Fashions, lingerie-swimwear catalog shoot 2017

-Zarai Clothing line for ads 2017





-Cover winner for Miss Bikini tribe Calendar 2021

-Eclair Magazine publication along with Helene Segara a famous French celerity and actor Andrew Garfield have you seen him in Spider Man movie? December 2020

-Model of the month for Miss Fashion Global news emailed to over 25,000 people

*Model Coach for Maria Bonita Modeling Agency 2019-2020

*Photo session at Dunas de Samalayuca Mexico December 2019

*Maxim Magazine Cover girl contest, won 2nd place on my group 2019

*ClickCon Model/ photography Conference 2019

*Model for Carlos Felipe photo workshop he is several award winner for best  photographer in Europe 2019

*Photo session in Amsterdam Netherlands June 2019

*Photo session in Amsterdam Netherlands June 2018 

-Model Boot-Camp workshop 2018

*Proficient in Spanish and English.

Certified Group Fitness Trainer and wellness Coach since 2011

Business Administration Degree 2007



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